6.5 Chrome Hoverboard Bluetooth: VK110-C - King Sports Max: KPS
6.5 Chrome Hoverboard Bluetooth: VK110-C

6.5 Chrome Hoverboard Bluetooth: VK110-C

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Chrome case with built-in bluetooth. You will be the most shinning star on the street!

  • UL 2272 certified
  • 250W dual motor
  • High-tech self-balancing
  • Electric drive and environmentally friendly design
  • Convenient and portable transportation
  • Max 225 lbs capacity

6.5 Chrome Hoverboard Bluetooth: VK110-C

Walking, running and jumping are some activities anyone can do as they are so easy. Why not master the next step as well? Find out the best way to get from one place to another. Get a hoverboard and change your life for the better as you enjoy the luxury and comfort it provides. Not only does it get you to places faster than you would if you were just to walk, but it’s also enjoyable and earns you many looks of appreciation.

If you want to be the one to turn heads as you pass by and capture everyone’s attention on the street, then let us guarantee you that you’re bound to be the brightest star with the VK110-C Chrome Hoverboard Bluetooth under your feet. While staying true to the original hoverboard and keeping its classic style intact, this hoverboard also gives you the ability to take your music with you wherever you go. It comes with built-in Bluetooth and a chrome case. What’s more is that it’s UL 2272 certified for your complete assurance and is also equipped with a state of the art 250W dual motor for your satisfaction.

Why Should You Buy It?

With its high-quality self-balancing technology, electric drive and environmentally friendly design, it is a perfect choice for anyone who is passionate about hoverboards.

Travel In Style

If you’re a fan of traveling in style, then look no further than this hoverboard as it’s bound to meet all your expectations of a convenient and stylish way to move. You don’t even have to do much as this technology is self-balancing and makes it a whole lot easier for you.

With this fantastic hoverboard, you can go wherever you want with no problems as it is also silent enough to be used in professional environments and your home without troubling anybody.

Simple and Safe

An excellent start for beginners as it ascertains safety in all aspects and is even UL-certified for the assurance of parents for their young children. It’s effortless to learn and master in a short matter of time, no matter what your age or expertise is.

It has a Max 225 Lbs capacity and is also very easy to carry around with you on trips or wherever you want to go.

Increased Speed

Its Max speed goes up to an impressive seven mph/hour for your benefit. If you take good care of it, you can easily travel up to 10-15 miles at a time.

Another great thing about this hoverboard is that it is fully charged in about one and a half hours or two at the most with its fast charging Voltage of AC100-240V or 50-60HZ.

Newest Technology

One of the best things about this chrome hoverboard bluetooth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert rider or a new beginner, you are still going to be delighted with it. Believe it or not, this is a whole new revolution for hoverboards as they are better than ever before!

Don’t let anything stop you from getting yourself this wonderful hoverboard and relishing in the immense luxury. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses. It also comes with it’s charging adapter and a guide on how to use it.

Specifications and Features

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Battery Capacity 10Ah
Max Speed 20 MPH


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