Hoverboards For Sale - Best Hoverboards King Sports Max: KPS


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  1. Spider Hoverboard -Black
    6.5'' Awesome Iconic Spider Smart Hoverboard

    Spike your superpower with the KPS Spider Smart Hoverboard in the holidays! 

  2. VK104 6.5" Hoverboard-Black
    20 MPH Hoverboard: 6.5’’ VK-104 Model

    The VK-104 is easy to learn and perfect for inner city travel that requires portability and speed.

  3. VK110 Hoverboard-Black
    6.5 Hoverboard Bluetooth: Original VK110

    VK110 has Bluetooth included so you can take your music anywhere you go!

  4. 6.5" Camouflage Hoverboard X1-Black
    6.5" Hoverboard with Lights and Bluetooth – X1: 5 Colors

    Fast enough to take you where ever in no time, silent enough to be used in an office environment without bothering others.

  5. new
    Hoverboard G1 Holiday Sales | Smart, Safe & Fun For All Ages-Black
    6.5'' G1 Bluetooth Hoverboard - Newest Model

    The G1 Bluetooth hoverboard is the newest modern, thrilling and fun way to get around outdoors. 

  6. Hoverboard Bluetooth EL-ES01 Smart for Commuting in Style-Black
    6.5'' Hoverboard EL-ES01

    The EL-ES01 hoverboard is a capable, fun and stylish tool for commuting and travelling in the city. 

  7. KingSports Patent Pending Built-in Carry Handle Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Electric Scooter-Black
    6.5'' Hoverboard W3665P with Built-in Carry Handle

    The 6.5'' Hoverboard W3665P is perfect for all ages. The handle makes it easy to carry your hoverboard anywhere, ideal for travel and those on the go. 

  8. All-terrain 8" G2 Hoverboard-Black
    8 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard: All Terrain G2

    The all terrain hoverboard G2 8 inch board features the off-road designation, signaling its ability to take on tough mud trails with confidence. 

  9. ES06 Hoverboard-Black
    All Terrain 6.5’’ Hoverboard – EL-ES06

    All Terrain 6.5'' Hoverboard EL-ES06 features the off-road designation, signaling its ability to take on tough mud trails with confidence.

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