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  1. BenchWheel Electric Skateboard F1: 300W Front View | King Sports Max: KPS
    BenchWheel Electric Skateboard F1: 300W 28"x10" with Remote

    The 300w electric skateboard BenchWheel-F1 is perfect for kids and light-weight riders of all ages!

    Electric Skateboards have become more popular for a couple of years. But almost all electric skateboards are higher-priced longboard style variants. 

    Our BenchWheel Electric Skateboard is designed as an affordable and portable electric skateboard which create perfect skating experience to the skater community.

    Forget the large heavy skateboard, this BenchWheel Electric Skateboard packs a punch. This Pennyboard weights only 11 lb, it's easy to carry either indoor, public, or in the trunk of a car.

  2. All-terrain 8.5" Luxury Hoverboard TDLB01-Yellow
    Hoverboard All Terrain 8.5’’ Luxury – TDLB01

    The luxury sophisticated TDLB01 all terrain hoverboard turns your ride in Lamborghini style.

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