Hoverboards For Sale - Best Hoverboards King Sports Max: KPS


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  1. JJ107 All-terrain 8.5" Hoverboard-Green
    All Terrain Bluetooth Hoverboard: JJ107– 6.5’’

    The all terrain hoverboard JJ107 has anti-fire Plastic Material Cover Whole Hoverboard. Stronger shell and sturdy structure.

  2. Hoverboard X1-C-Green
    Chrome Hoverboard with Lights and Bluetooth – X1-C

    Travel in style with our self-balance technology on the x1-c chrome hoverboard. Learning has never been easier.

  3. Hoverboard EL-ES01 Smart for Commuting in Style-Green
    Chrome Hoverboard – 6‘’ EL-ES01 Smart Hoverboard

    The EL-ES01 hoverboard is a capable, fun and stylish tool for commuting and traveling in the city. 

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