Sports ATV: Kandi KD 60A-2 Fully Automatic - King Sports Max: KPS
Sports ATV: Kandi KD 60A-2 Fully Automatic

Sports ATV: Kandi KD 60A-2 Fully Automatic

KD 60A-2
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Sports ATV KD 60A-2

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who’s looking for a sweet ride to own that’s both fun and good for your health, you don’t have to wait any longer as the ATV KD 60A-2 is finally here! You can easily use this fantastic vehicle to complete all of your off-road adventures!

This wonderful Utility off-road gas-powered sports ATV is equipped with a dynamite 60cc engine that can now easily reach up to an impressive speed of 20 mph. It has the ability to reverse smoothly and go over all terrains due to its sturdy tires and Electric Start Engine which is built for simplicity and ease of use. It also has state of the art Shock brakes for a safe and smooth ride and an air-cooled system.

Should you buy the Sports ATV KD 60A-2?

If you still aren’t convinced, then let’s look at some fantastic features which will surely tip you in favor of purchasing this excellent product.

Release Stress

Work can be pretty hectic at times and leaves us looking for a way to

escape. Even without a job, just the everyday routine of life can become wearisome if there’s no change and tires our mind and soul. This is a perfect way to renew yourself and unwind your body to relieve all the built- up stress.

Don’t just let the tension eat away at you piece by piece. You can work out a few hard laps and leave those worries behind, either on the track or any riding place like through the woods or rocky hills.

It’s a lot better than hiring a therapist and saves you quite a lot of money in the long run too.

Feel Closer to Nature

When you take your brand-new sports ATV out for a ride in the months of spring and fall, you’re going to be especially glad for having brought this vehicle.

You feel at peace looking at the beauty of nature around you, and it makes you grateful for your life as you experience the outdoors in such a way.

With this ATV, you no longer have to stay locked up in the four walls of your home or office, but instead, you can reap all the benefits that mother nature has to offer.


This sports ATV is now more stylish and a lot more advanced than ever before. It comes in different colors, and you can pick your own style according to your preference.

Ride in a classy way and turn everyone heads as you ride along in your beautiful and robust ATV. Now it also comes with reinforced Steal Framing which is resistant to wear and tear. This ATV has adjustable Seats to adjust according to your comfort, and lastly, it comes with a free Tool Kit and Shipping.

This ATV is equipped with a high-quality internal balancer that can reduce vibrations and increase the engine power. It has a Manufacturer’s Warranty for six months on the engine and three months on its parts. What’s more is that it comes with free shipping.

Specifications and Features

More Information
Weight 180.0000
Engine Type 4 Strokes/1-Cylinder
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Max Speed 20 MPH
Engine Kill Switch No
Speed Governor No
Foot Brake No
Remote Control No
Head Lights No
Tail Lights No
Turn Signal Indicator No
Horn No
Tool Kit No
California Legally? No
Compliance EPA Approved
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake


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