All Terrain Bluetooth Hoverboard: JJ107 - King Sports Max: KPS
All Terrain Bluetooth Hoverboard: JJ107– 6.5’’

All Terrain Bluetooth Hoverboard: JJ107– 6.5’’

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Anti-fire Plastic Material Cover Whole Hoverboard. Stronger shell and sturdy structure.

  • UL 2272 certified
  • 250W dual motor
  • High-tech self-balancing
  • Electric drive and environmentally friendly design
  • Convenient and portable transportation
  • Max 264 lbs capacity

JJ-107 - The All Terrain Bluetooth Hoverboard

If you’re a fan of hoverboards and only want the best of the best for yourself, then look no further than the fantastic JJ-107. It has a secure shell and a sturdy material which covers the whole body to make it more durable and enrich your experience.

You’d be pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s also water and fire resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined on rides. With its 6.5” premium dual rugged tires which are designed explicitly for all-terrain exploration, nothing can stop you from having a great adventure every day as this all terrain bluetooth hoverboard will take you through roads of dirt, gravel, mud, and grass with no problem.

It now comes with the off-road designation which means that it can easily travel through any mud trail. With its sleek and shiny black model, you’re bound to be a shining star.

Safety First!

Not only has it been altered to ensure a more fun and enjoyable time for you, but it has also passed several tests to make sure that your safety is a top priority. We take time to go over different types of researches and only release the product after it is a 100% safe.

This is because, for us, the satisfaction and well-being of our customers come first. We care more about their happiness than our profit, and we take steps to prove this with every product that is released. It is now UL 2272 certified for your assurance. You can buy it without a care in the world, and you won’t regret it.

Improved and Convenient Technology

This hoverboard is like no other that is available in the market as it has so many amazing features to please you. It comes with a 250W dual motor which allows you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride like never before.

It is also made with high-quality self-balancing technology that allows its users to learn and master its use in a very short period of time as its so easy. It can be used by all members of the family and isn’t just restricted to one age. You only have to use it once to be impressed by its perfect balance and ease of use.

It has an electric drive and an environmentally friendly design, so you don’t have to stress about your children using it. What’s more is that it’s very easy to carry around which allows you to take it with you anywhere with no problem. Lastly, stay entertained on your ride as it comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers which enable you to play your music everywhere from your phone. With the JJ107 all terrain bluetooth hoverboard, every day is a party!

Faster and Better

This wonderful hoverboard allows you to go up to 7 mph and have a great time racing with friends or loved ones. You can easily travel up to ten to fifteen miles as long as you take proper precautions and keep your hoverboard in the correct conditions.

It also has a faster charging time with its voltage of AC100-240V or 50-60HZ. 100kg is the maximum load for this hoverboard and the charging time is just two hours.

It also comes with a one year warranty and its own charger and user manual.

Specifications and Features

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Battery Capacity 10Ah
Max Speed 20 MPH


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