Dinosaur ATV 150 cc - Hauling & Riding ATV - King Sports Max: KPS
Dinosaur ATV 150 cc for Farmers and Riders

Dinosaur ATV 150 cc for Farmers and Riders

ATV Dinosaur 150
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Take the Dinosaur ATV 150 cc Off-Road on a Serious Adventure

Enjoy recreational riding or carry around materials effectively with the Off-road Dinosaur 150 cc ATV. This capable vehicle is quick, durable and offers excellent handling in most conditions that you’ll want to travel in. The ATV features knobby tires and a powerful 4-stroke engine. It’s a good introduction for new riders, and a capable utility vehicle to have around a home, business or farm.

Fast Fun for Adults and Teens

This tough ATV is the perfect vehicle to take both adults and teenagers on an ATV adventure. It holds up to 308 lbs. of riders and cargo, making it a powerful tool for hauling. It features a 149 cc 4-stroke engine and maintains a maximum speed of 35 MPH or more depending on rider and cargo weight. This ATV features an automatic transmission and is easy to drive around at high speeds. It features a reverse gear and is simple to back up if you get it stuck.

A Safe and Capable Ride

Buyers searching for an off-road ATV that’s safe and reliable will love the feature set that the Dinosaur ATV 150 cc has to offer you. It is designed with a protective front bumper to reduce damage on impact. The ATV features dual drum brakes up front and hydraulic disc brakes at the back. It’s built with a handlebar kill switch and both foot and hand brakes for effective panic braking for any situation. It comes with an air-cooled engine that performs reliably without overheating, even when used for long periods. The ATV is built with massive 21” and 20” knobby tires that grip most surface types capable, so you can tackle a range of terrains with confidence that you won’t slip or slide.

Enjoy a Smooth Ride

Crafted with dual shocks at the front and a single shock at the rear, this Dinousaur ATV 150 cc utilizes a swing arm suspension system that will help you get over bumps and uneven surfaces on your ATV adventure comfortably. It’s a very smooth ride, and the shocks make it easier to maintain complete control even when riding at high speeds on uneven surfaces. Ride faster in comfort on this high powered ATV.

The Dinosaur 150 is a tough ATV that’s good for both adults and children. Features a tough cargo rack for carrying a range of items, and drives quickly and smoothly over most terrain types. It’s an ideal off-road ATV and a powerful tool when placed on a farm, at a local business or just at a home with land to maintain. Enjoy a capable ride every time with this ATV.

Features of the Dinosaur 150 ATV

  • 21” and 20” tires with knobby tread
  • 149 cc 4-stroke engine
  • Air cooled engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Reverse gear provided
  • Electric start
  • Tough chain drive system
  • Rear swing arm single shock suspension
  • Front swing arm double shock suspension
  • Dual front drum brakes
  • Rear hydraulic disk brakes
  • Equipped with both foot and hand brakes
  • Protective front bumper
  • Features a luggage rack
  • Comes with a handlebar kill switch
  • 308 lbs. weight capacity
  • 35+ MPH max speed

Specifications and Features

More Information
Weight 353.0000
Engine Type 4 Strokes/1-Cylinder
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Max Speed 20 MPH
Engine Kill Switch No
Speed Governor No
Foot Brake No
Remote Control No
Head Lights No
Tail Lights No
Turn Signal Indicator No
Horn No
Tool Kit No
California Legally? No
Compliance EPA Approved
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake


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