How Do Personal Transportation Devices Help The Environment?

As the amount of greenhouse gases increase, we are constantly looking for ways to help the environment. Now we can with the help of personal transportation devices.

We hear all the time about how we are damaging our planet – and we need to step in and save it. We recycle, we don’t litter, and we try not to be wasteful. But, is that enough? Truthfully? No - not, really. The amount of pollution and emissions that enter the atmosphere from driving fuel-filled cars is having a detrimental impact on our life – and on Earth.

For those who are ready to join together and make a change, there is something powerful you can do: choose to forego your gas guzzling automobile and utilize a form of electric transportation. If you do, here’s how you’ll be helping.


Our Current Transportation Pollution Situation

Every time you drive your car, whether it is to work, to school, on a vacation, or even to the corner store, you are filling the atmosphere around you with a range of gases and solid matter. These pollutants cause dangers to the environments and to the health of the human population.

Cars emit carbon dioxide and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, leading a global warming and causes effects to the environment, farming, and wildlife.

For example, the emitted gas nitrous oxide is known to affect the protective ozone layer. Others, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide mix with rain water to create what is known as acid rain, which is damaging to the agricultural industry and the vegetation in our environment itself. Other pollutants and spills can seep into the ground and end up in water supplies.

All because we want to drive our gasoline-filled cars and trucks? There must be a better way -- and there is, with these personal transportation devices.


What Are Different Types of Electric Personal Transportation Devices?

Believe it or not, there are many choices when it comes to electric transportation in today’s world. You don’t even have to worry about pulling out your old rusty bike.

Check out these new types of electric transportation that will get you from Point A to Point B – without damaging the environment.

  • Electric Bike. These electric bikes are just like a regular bicycle, except they don’t require you to do much pedaling. They typically can reach speeds of up to 20mph.
  • Electric Scooter. These are lighter and more compact than a bicycle. E-scooters offer you speeds up to approximately 14pmh and go a range of 5 to 8 miles.
  • Moped. If you need to get somewhere a bit faster or at a greater distance, consider a moped. These electric machines can be driven on the road and can reach speeds of 30mph. They are comfortable and offer many safety measures to keep you safe.
  • HoverboardHoverboards are lightweight and compact. They can get you where you need to go easily without a lot of hassle. They often can go up to 10mph – which means you can easily get to your destination with very little effort.
  • Electric carThere are a few electric cars on the market. And, it is likely we will begin to see more of them. While they do offer an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, they are not necessarily the most affordable option.

Each one has its perks and disadvantages, but we are convinced there is a form of electric personal transportation devices that is made just for you.


1. Reduce Carbon Pollution and Other Congestion

You likely already know this, but pointing it out in black and white may seem to have a bigger impact.

Personal transportation devices give off zero harmful emissions. That’s right, there is nothing that they do while we use them that will be damaging to the environment.

If more people chose electric transportation methods, there would be a dramatic decrease in the number of natural resources we are using up and the amount of damage we are causing to the world around us.

Our population continues to grow, which means this environmental degradation is only going to get worse unless we take action. Making a change to a green mode of transportation means that we can begin to reduce the amount of the harmful emissions that are present in our atmosphere.


2. Save Yourself Some Money

You have no control over gas prices. You likely already know this, but it seems worthy to point out. Whenever you drive your gasoline-fueled automobile, you have to have gas. And, gas comes at the mercy of the gas station. You cannot haggle the price.

If you want to drive somewhere, you must pay for it.

Imagine never having to visit a gas station again. With electric personal transportation devices, you won’t have to.

Well, unless you want to. But, you can charge your method of transportation at home – or on the go – and head out. No need to visit a gas pump, no need to pay for gas, and no need to spread your gas fumes into the air.

This means that electric transportation can help you keep more money in your pocket.


3. Help Future Generations

By the time you are an elderly man or woman, you will likely have offspring that spans one, two, maybe even three generations. It is important to recognize that the damage we cause today will have an impact on all future generations.

You wouldn’t cause harm to your family on purpose, would you?

Then why cause them to breathe in pollutants that could physically damage their health? By making the decision to switch your preferred transportation method to something that uses electricity, you are helping more than you may realize.


4. Be a Leader

Leaders don’t just happen because they follow everyone else. A leader stands out. A leader is something who finds something they want to stand for – and they do it. They don’t listen to others or stick to the social norms.

You can be a leader by taking a stand against air pollution, global warming, acid rain, and other environmental hazards.

When others see the alternate action you take – and they hear your reasons why – they may consider to make the change from gas to electric, too.



So, get yourself your preferred method of electric transportation and set an example. Be the example. You are not just helping yourself, but you are protecting the Earth for generations to come.