5 Ways Electric Rideables Help the Environment

Electric rideables are gaining traction across the U.S. as a fun, environmentally-friendly way to spend time outside or commute; and for good reason.

When you make a change in the way you do things, one of two things can occur. One, you may end up with a negative result and decide to disregard the change you made.

Or, two, you get a positive result that results in a steady change for the better over time.

Those who have had a hand in designing electric rideables received a positive result.


What Are Electric Rideables?

With such a term, we are referring to anything that you can ride that runs on electricity.

While electric cars do help the environment, rideables are more personal.

For example, an electric scooter, an electric bicycle, a hoverboard, and the like.

Basically, anything that runs on electric that you can ride to get from point A to point B and everywhere in between.

The reasons you should be riding an electric form of transportation are plentiful, but we’ve got 5 top ways in which utilizing one of these fun rides can help the environment.


1. Reduce Carbon Emissions and That Kill the Planet

Cars let off a lot of fumes. Of course, you may not see them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Every time you pull up to the pump to load up on gasoline or diesel, your car is going to burn them in order to run.

The resulting gas ends up in the air we breathe. And increases your carbon footprint.

Using electric rideables means that you won’t have to worry about leaking any carbon emissions – because there is nothing to emit!

These transportation methods run on electricity alone so no gases to give off.

Global warming is a real thing. And, the size of your carbon footprint makes a difference.

If you reduce your carbon footprint, you are marching in the direction of saving our planet.


2. New Fads Mean New Followers

Fads are fun and gaining followers can blow up egos and increase opportunities. But it is only as exciting as the fad itself.

For instance, what if the fad you begin is something positive that can have a bigger impact than you could ever imagine?

By choosing to use a rideable to commute to work or school – or even just around town – you are making a statement.

You are letting those who witness you doing so catch a glimpse of you becoming a trendsetter. They see you come and go as they sit in traffic or in line at the gas station.

They will want to be you.

So, creating a new fad and attracting followers for something such as choosing a personal transportation device means that you are going to convince people to leave their cars at home and take to the streets just like you.

The difference in the planet – such as the reduction in your carbon footprint – just increased by all of the followers you have. And that is a powerful win.


3. An Overall Reduction in Smog

All the emissions that come from gasoline or diesel operated automobiles must go somewhere. And, that somewhere is into the air we breathe.

Depending on how dense the population is where you reside, you may or may not see the physical pollution in the air.

Densely populated areas usually will have a layer of smog in the air that can be seen by the naked eye. Truth is, whether you see it or not, it is there.

And you are breathing it in.

Not only can this polluted air be bad for your lungs, but it is also bad for the planet.

In time, it is breaking down the ozone layer. And, if you know anything about the ozone layer, then you know that it is a protective layer in the stratosphere that helps keep out the sun’s harmful rays.

The more we offer air pollutants to our atmosphere, the more we are depleting our protective ozone layer.


4. We Can Preserve a Natural Resource – Fossil Fuels

The Earth is made of many resources that we, as humans, have taken over for ourselves.

Some of these resources are renewable, others are non-renewable. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource.

If you want to get technical, they are renewable. However, they take millions of years to renew themselves so, in any foreseeable future, when these resources are gone, they are gone.

To drive an automobile on gasoline means that fossil fuels have been burned.

Every time you drive to the convenient store or drive a couple of miles to work, you are adding to the depletion of this non-renewable resource that the earth was so kind to give you.

Doesn’t sound so nice, does it? By choosing to use electric rideables, you won’t have to ever worry about draining this resource.


5. Less Damage to Roadways

Heavy trafficked areas have to have roads that are able to handle it. Over time, the weight of all of these vehicles causes the road to crack and crumble.

In turn, road crews and construction companies must repair these roads.

The repairs needed will require heavy machinery – all of which burn fuel and give off emissions.

In other words, not only are you damaging the planet with your car, but you are also adding more damage because of the repair work that will need to be done.

An electric rideable means that you can travel next to the road and, due to the light impact it has, you will not cause any damage or wear and tear.



Electric rideables are the perfect combination of fun and environmentally friendly. They don’t require you to damage the planet and roadways or use up any resources.

Instead, you will have fun whipping and weaving through any obstacle that comes your way – just to get to your destination in record time. That means no traffic or need to stop for gas.

Because good times are always contagious, you are sure to develop a following. Together, you can make a huge impact on the environment.