What Are the Benefits of Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes are becoming much more popular, and for good reason! With so many benefits of electric bikes, we have made a list of our favorites.

Everyone always says that you will never forget how to ride a bike. It does not matter how many years it has been or what kind of bike you ride. That feeling of throwing your leg over and climbing on that little seat can easily give you the feeling of nostalgia and days gone by.

Bicycles have come a long way over the years. Now, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular.

What if you could take that fun time and turn it into a new way to transport yourself around town? You can. And, thanks to electric bicycles, you can do so at a decent speed with minimal effort.


What Are the Benefits of Electric Bikes?

E-bikes are only one option of personal transportation that are taking over our culture.

If you have been left scratching your head over this new ride, perhaps you should learn a bit more about the benefits of electric bikes, and why this type of transportation is becoming so popular.


Benefit #1: Go Green.

Going green and helping the environment is becoming more and more of an actionable thing. We know that we only have one planet so we must do what we can to make sure it is healthy.

With all the damage that has already been caused, it is up to each one of us to do our part to make a difference.

By giving up transportation that pollutes our environment, such as automobiles and buses, and opting for an electric bicycle, you are one step closer to breathing in fresh air.

They Are Battery Operated!

See, all those other fuel-burning transportation types give off gases and pollutants into the air that we ultimately end up breathing. However, one of the greatest benefits of electric bikes is that they are not. It runs off of a rechargeable battery so that nothing gets burned and released into the air.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that you are getting where you need to go without worrying about harming anything because of it? What a benefit!


Benefit #2: There ARE health benefits.

Initially, you may wonder whether something with an electric motor can provide you with health benefits. Believe it or not, it can.

The electric bicycle allows you options.

  • You can ride it by pedaling, as with a normal bike.
  • Or, you can let the motor take over.

This allows you to adjust how much cardio you are looking to get from your ride – a lot or just a little. Bike riding has incredibly positive effects on your health.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

It is a great exercise to keep your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape.

Another health benefit is the fact that you have improved coordination. Getting on the bike, controlling it, and balancing works your body and improves your coordination.

Reduce Stress

Lastly, reduce your stress. Stress can wreak havoc on the body and cause a lot of unwanted health issues. Avoiding tough commutes and traffic, as well as feeling free with the wind flying through your hair, you can reduce your stress levels tremendously – and increase your health.


Benefit #3: Easier Commutes.

Do you hate sitting in traffic? Do you hate trying to figure out the fastest route each and every time you have to commute to and from work? What if you could just pass everyone by as they sit and wait for traffic?

Easier commuting is another benefit to an electric bicycle.

Complete Two Objectives at Once

The motor allows you to move at a rather quick pace. And, if you want to get a little exercise in while commuting – you can knock it out.

It makes your commute a breeze while freeing up your time normally consumed by a fitness regime.

The fact that you can get from home to work or school and back again without ever having to go on main roads, highways, or busy streets, you can stick to sidewalks or bike lanes and keep right on moving.

You can even sneak in a shortcut through side streets, back alleys, or grassy areas.


Benefit #4: Enjoy a Lifestyle Outdoors.

Being outdoors is great for your body and your mind.

  • First, you are breathing in fresh air – not that recycled indoor stuff.
  • Second, the sunlight you are subjected to floods your body with much-needed vitamin D. And, that makes you feel good.
New Places to Explore

Enjoying a lifestyle outdoors means that you can experience all that the wonderful earth has to offer you. And, you can do it on your electric bike.

Explore new hiking or biking paths, ride through the local parks, check out other neighborhoods and nearby towns.

You may even want to go for long rides with your family and friends. You will never have to worry that you’ll run out of things to do.


What are the Inconveniences and Cons of E-Bikes?

With all the benefits of electric bikes; of course, there will be a few very slight inconveniences. And, quite honestly, some people may not even consider them an inconvenience at all.

Take these into consideration:

  • You have to charge your electric bicycle. It does not always come with a full charge and it isn’t guaranteed to take you great distances without charging. However, the good news is that when your battery dies, you can always use your own energy and pedal.
  • Depending on your model, you may or may not have an electric bicycle with a foldable option. Having this makes it very portable and convenient to take with you, such as when you arrive at your office or if you have to take the bus before you commute to your final point.
Do the Cons Outweigh the Pros?

As we said, these inconveniences are minor. It is hard for them to come near to any of the benefits – which, by the way, are tremendous.

So sure – you may have to charge your electric bicycle. And yes, it may not seem so portable.

But the things that it can do for you will make you disregard any dislike of a little time to charge.


Final Thoughts…

There are so many benefits of electric bikes:

  • A chance to give back to your planet
  • An easy (traffic-free) commute
  • A breath of fresh air
  • Some vitamin D and a workout

The benefits are plenty and so is the fun that is to be had. You won’t regret adding this mode of transportation to your mix.