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  1. Moped vs. Scooter: Which is Right for You?

    Moped vs. Scooter: Which is Right for You?

    With so many types of personal electric transportation, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you.

    If you're choosing between a moped vs. scooter, this guide is for you.

    If you are in the market for a means of transportation that will get you where you need to go without having to worry about having a car, then a moped or scooter may be the way to go.

    Compared to other alternative travel methods, mopeds and scooters move at a relatively decent pace and can get you moving without the need for harmful pollutants, such as gas or diesel.

    As much as they are alike, however, there are many more

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  2. What Are The Best Electric Scooters For Commuting?

    What Are The Best Electric Scooters For Commuting?

    We know the positive impact of using scooters as your source of transportation, but what are the best electric scooters for commuting and how do you find the right one for you?

    You know that making the switch from a car to an electric scooter can have an important and positive impact on the environment. It will also make you stand out among the crowd – making you a leader in innovative transportation methods.

    You want your commute to inspire others to do the same – hoping for an even bigger and more proactive approach to the environment.

    If this sounds like you, then you must be ready to get your electric scooter and

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  3. Gas and Electric Scooters: What You Need to Know

    Gas and Electric Scooters: What You Need to Know

    There are two types of scooters: gas and electric scooters. With so many options available, how do you decide which is best for you?

    Scooters are here to stay, there is no question about that.

    First making their way onto the market with the foot-powered variety, other methods of scooter transportation are becoming increasingly popular – especially in large cities. And, it is no wonder why.

    They are small and compact and can travel at safe speeds. If you’d like to get on this bandwagon, you will want to purchase a scooter of your own.

    We know that transportation utilizing gas has been around for years. Electric-powered rides are much newer.

    You'll have to decide between gas and electric scooters. But, which is the best choice for you?

    Gas and Electric Scooters: Which is Right for You?

    To answer this question, you will have to know it is you are looking for in your new scooter, what matters to

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