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  1. ATV Safety: Everything You Need to Know

    ATV Safety: Everything You Need to Know

    An ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) can be fun and exciting. But it's also important to understand the basics of ATV safety to ensure you have a safe, and fun, riding experience.

    Exploring trails, traveling with friends, enjoying some fresh air, and getting muddy is all part of the experience. They are wonderful machines that lead to some great memories.

    But, don’t let a bad decision take all the good away.

    Before you ride, be sure you know all that you need to in order to stay safe. An ATV may seem like a toy, but it can be a life-altering – or ending - means of travel if you don’t know what you are doing.

    Here are five ATV safety tips to ensure you are uninjured during your ride.


    1. Take an ATV Rider Course

    Before you take your first ride, you should take an

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  2. Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

    Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

    Dirt bikes are very common, and many people choose to utilize them. But since every bike is different, it can be difficult to tell if a dirt bike is street legal. Here are 4 considerations. Whatever your reason for inquiring about dirt bikes, you have likely been seeking an answer to the very question: are dirt bikes street legal?

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  3. Hoverboard Safety: Everything You Need to Know

    Hoverboard Safety: Everything You Need to Know

    Hoverboards: they're extremely enjoyable, but your fun would end if you were to get hurt. So, we've created this hoverboard safety guide to avoid injuries and keep your hoverboard adventure as fun as possible.

    Hoverboards are both fun to cruise the neighborhood with friends and family as well as for commuting through city streets to get to work.

    Their versatility means that kids and adults alike can enjoy all the fun times they bring. But this fun doesn’t come without risk.

    Just as with any form of transportation, care and attention need to be taken to ensure that the utmost safety is in place.

    This comes with understanding how hoverboards work, the safety gear you should invest in, and the overall importance of hoverboard safety for everyone involved.


    How Do Hoverboards Work?

    If you have never experienced a ride on

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