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  1. ATV vs. UTV: Everything to Know

    ATV vs. UTV: Everything to Know

    Before we can truly talk about ATVs and UTVs, perhaps it’d be best if you understood what their acronyms even stand for. In its longer form, ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. Of course, these are also commonly referred to as quads or four wheelers. And, UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle.

    While they may often get confused or be used interchangeably by those who are unfamiliar, there are quite a few differences between ATVs and UTVs. This includes everything from speed and mobility to size and number of riders. To put it bluntly, these are two vehicles are not created equally.

    Let’s explore an ATV vs. a UTV and discover everything you need to know about the two.


    Of all the differences between ATVs and UTVs, perhaps one of the biggest is the purpose each was designed for. For example, if you ar

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  2. How Do Personal Transportation Devices Help The Environment?

    How Do Personal Transportation Devices Help The Environment?

    As the amount of greenhouse gases increase, we are constantly looking for ways to help the environment. Now we can with the help of personal transportation devices.

    We hear all the time about how we are damaging our planet – and we need to step in and save it. We recycle, we don’t litter, and we try not to be wasteful. But, is that enough? Truthfully? No - not, really. The amount of pollution and emissions that enter the atmosphere from driving fuel-filled cars is having a detrimental impact on our life – and on Earth.

    For those who are ready to join together and make a change, there is something powerful you can do: choose to forego your gas guzzling automobile and utilize a form of electric transportation. If you do, h

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