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Electric Transportation Tips

  1. 5 Ways Electric Rideables Help the Environment

    5 Ways Electric Rideables Help the Environment

    Electric rideables are gaining traction across the U.S. as a fun, environmentally-friendly way to spend time outside or commute; and for good reason.

    When you make a change in the way you do things, one of two things can occur. One, you may end up with a negative result and decide to disregard the change you made.

    Or, two, you get a positive result that results in a steady change for the better over time.

    Those who have had a hand in designing electric rideables received a positive result.


    What Are Electric Rideables?

    With such a term, we are referring to anything that you can ride that runs on electricity.

    While electric cars do help the environment, rideables are more personal.

    For example, an electric scooter, an

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  2. 8 Steps to Find the Best ATV to Suit Your Needs

    8 Steps to Find the Best ATV to Suit Your Needs

    Although finding the best ATV for you can be difficult, we make it easier with this guide.

    All-terrain vehicles, better known as ATV’s, offer up many fun and adventurous times. They can be used on the road, off the road, and everywhere in between.

    Whether exploring new areas, taking an easy ride to a neighbor’s house, or racing with your friends – you definitely can’t get bored on an ATV.


    Finding the Best ATV 

    While they can be driven by just about anyone in the family, it is important that you choose the right type to meet your needs and abilities.

    There are many different ATV’s on the market so finding the best one can be a bit confusing.

    Which type is right for you? What size engine do you need? Should you choose automatic or manual transmission? Do you need electronic power st

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