8 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard: G2 Model - King Sports Max: KPS
8 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard: All Terrain G2

8 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard: All Terrain G2

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Features the off-road designation, signaling its ability to take on tough mud trails with confidence. 

  • UL 2272 certified
  • 250W dual motor
  • High-tech self-balancing
  • Electric drive and environmentally friendly design
  • Convenient and portable transportation
  • Max 264 lbs capacity

8 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard - The G2

If you’re into hoverboards, then there’s no way you can just settle for anything short of perfection when it comes to having the perfect ride. If you’re looking for a highly esteemed and well-known hoverboard that promises unmatchable quality and high-performance, then you don’t have to look any further as the delightful G2 Hoverboard is finally here.

These hoverboards are fun and easy to use and allow people of all ages to take part in this amazing activity without having to worry about staying safe. With the G2 hoverboard, you can have a good time with your friends and family and create many happy memories which will stay with you forever. We all want to stay close to our loved ones and strengthen our bonds with good times, and with the G2 8 inch bluetooth hoverboard, this is possible for everyone. Turn your dream of delightful times with the people you love into a reality with this fantastic hoverboard.

Safety First

Many precautions are taken before these hoverboards become available in the market. This is because safety should always be a priority and it’s essential to keep the best interests of all customers at heart rather than caring about profit.

It is only released after several types of research and tests so that there’s no problem in the future. It is UL-certified to assure you that it is harmless for all kinds of riders.

Sturdy and Durable

Secondly, this 8 inch blutooth hoverboard is built from metal and aluminum to guarantee a durable material in its body that can last a long time no matter where you ride it. This ensures that you can ride your hoverboard without a care in the world about it breaking apart.

When you use it and see how strong it is, you will surely understand the reason behind its name. It most definitely is a warrior hoverboard.

Ride on Any Surface

This hoverboard has impressive 8.5-inch solid tires and a 700 watts motor which enables you to ride on all terrains easily. Not only is it possible, but it’s also effortless and smooth. Enjoy a comfortable ride as you travel over grass, dirt, gravel, mud and wet surfaces. You get to ride like a true warrior!

Fun and Easy

What’s more is that it comes with a built-in high-quality Bluetooth speaker for all music lovers which allows them to play their music anywhere as they ride along.

You can quickly learn how to ride the hoverboard like an expert because of its high self-balancing technology. It comes with colorful LED lights which ensure a fun ride. You can travel up to 10 miles per hour after charging it for just 2 hours.

Have Fun

This is one of the most essential reasons for riding: to let go and have fun. Our lives can become pretty boring sometimes if we stick to the same routine, so it’s important to allow yourself some entertainment every now and then and what better way than this?

You feel at peace looking at the beauty of nature around you, and it makes you grateful for your life as you experience the outdoors in such a way. With this 8 inch bluetooth hoverboard, you no longer have to stay locked up in the four walls of your home or office, but instead, you can reap all the benefits that mother nature has to offer.

Specifications and Features

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Battery Capacity 10Ah
Max Speed 20 MPH


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