All-terrain 8.5” Hoverboard EL-ES03 - King Sports Max: KPS
All terrain 8.5” Hoverboard EL-ES03

All terrain 8.5” Hoverboard EL-ES03

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Get where you need to go on the all-terrain 8.5” Hoverboard EL-ES03. Travel through every condition with this dual motor self-balancing hoverboard can travel up to 12 miles.

The All-Terrain 8.5'' Hoverboard EL-ES03

When you’re serious about travel the EL-ES03 is just the balancing hoverboard for commuting for the job. This tough tool features over-sized tires, a more powerful battery and a longer range than many other hoverboards on the market today. It’s the all-terrain 8.5'' hoverboard that you can depend on even when you don’t have a perfectly smooth path for your whole trip. Have the option to go off-roading a bit along your journey and enjoy the bumps and rough spots along the way. This capable performance hoverboard has what it takes to get you where you need to go.

Go Anywhere

Travel anywhere you like on the EL-ES03 thanks to its high powered motors and rugged build. This balancing hoverboard for commuting comes featuring a powerful 400W dual motor that can handle hills at up to an 18-degree grade. It features heavy-tread solid rubber wheels that can handle sand, mud, grass and most slightly rough surfaces just fine. Travel through all sorts of conditions and drive with confidence even when you have to head away from paved walking paths on your journey. With a 10-mile range per charge, you can make trips into town or use this beast of a machine for reliable commuting every day.

Travel in Rough Conditions

The EL-ES03 all-terrain 8.5'' hoverboard can hold up to dirt, dust and light water, making it a good tool even in light rain conditions thanks to its IP56 rating. This smart hoverboard is built to hold up especially when the conditions aren’t perfect.

A Quick and Convenient Travel Companion

With a 2-hour fast charge, you can have this hoverboard up and running fast enough to make several trips during the day. Bring it with you on your morning commute and charge the battery all the way up again before you need to head home. This smart all-terrain 8.5'' hoverboard for commuting features a reliable LG battery pack and is good for hundreds of trips without issue. Charge it up for a trip after trip and get around efficiently every time you need to leave the house.

Keep Going Every Time

The EL-ES03 is built to last and features a UL 2272 certification that ensures you have a reliable ride every time you leave the house. The hoverboard is larger and more powerful than most, so it can withstand one tough commute after another. It’s made from a reliable aluminum alloy that won’t rust and should resist wearing well over time.

When you want a nice looking hoverboard that’s going to keep going no matter what you throw at it, it’s hard to beat the EL-ES03. It’s a rugged version of the balancing hoverboard and it’s built to withstand heavy use, again and again, making it the ideal reliable hoverboard.

Travels As You Go On Rubber Wheels

  • All Terrain Hoverboard with 8.6" wheels and aluminum alloy fender wings
  • SAFETY: This hoverboard is UL2272 Certified and passed all Product Safety Tests.
  • BLUETOOTH: The built-in Bluetooth speaker can be paired to Smartphone to play music while riding.
  • PERFORMANCE: Never-flat 8.5" rubber tires provide all-terrain and off-road stable riding experience. Dual 350W powerful motors hit up to 12 mph for up to 12 miles per full charge.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Self-Balancing Technology enable short learning curve; LED Lights for safe riding in low-light environments; Aluminum wing shell and hard shell safeguard the hoverboard even in tough terrain.
  • ALARM SYSTEM: Alert the user when: riding over 6 mph, low battery, and hoverboard rocking back and forth for more than 30 seconds.


  • 400W dual motor
  • Tough LG battery pack
  • Heavy tread wheels with solid rubber
  • 2-hour fast charge
  • 1 year limited warranty protection
  • 10 miles range
  • IP56 water resistance and durability rating

Specifications and Features

More Information
Weight 19.0000
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Max Speed 20 MPH


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