125 cc ATV HX110N - 35 MPH - King Sports Max: KPS
125cc ATV HX110N: 35 MPH Max Speed & Agility

125cc ATV HX110N: 35 MPH Max Speed & Agility

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For the parameters, please refer to HX110N sheets. All Terrain Vehicle


Let Your Pulse Race with an 125 cc ATV Adventure on the HX110N

Drive fast and have fun on the HX110N off-road 125 cc ATV. It’s built for speed and offers comfortable riding conditions for riders up to 143 lbs. This lightweight ATV comes complete with all the accessories that you need to ride safely and comfortably day or night.

Go Fast

Drive hard and go fast on this ATV with a top speed of 35 MPH. This quick little ATV will take on most terrain capably and offers smooth performance when changing gears and speeding up.

It is designed with speed and agility in mind and handles well even at high speeds over rough terrain. Take it through trails and have fun going all out on this ATV. Riders 143 lbs. and under can reach these top speeds and enjoy peak performance from the ATV.

Thanks to thick knobby tires the ATV will grab loose dirt, gravel, grass, and other uneven surfaces very well, and will also perform great on smooth surfaces as well. It’s a versatile tool for going fast and it’s a lot of fun no matter how you decide to use it.

Drive Safely

Your child will stay safer on the HX110N off-road 125 cc ATV thanks to a covered chain-drive system and hydraulic brakes at the front and rear of the ATV. It comes equipped with drum brakes and disc brakes in the front for safe stopping forces.

The ATV features a protective bumper for added safety against trees, brush and other obstacles. It also comes complete with an effective air-cooling system to keep the engine from overheating during operation. This ATV is optimized for safety so you can feel at ease about letting your child ride on it.

Drive at Night

Brilliant headlights will illuminate your path at night when you ride on the HX110N for an after-dark ATV adventure. This vehicle comes equipped with a set of four headlights as well as several tail lights so you or your child stays completely visible at night.

The lights offer excellent driving visibility even when trail riding, and create a solid cone of light ahead and to the sides of the rider.

Built for Convenience

With added features like reverse and a luggage rack, this 125 cc ATV is designed with convenience in mind. Strap on tools, gear or extras on the rear luggage rack. The built-in reverse makes it easy to get out of trouble no matter what sort of mess you’re in.

Designed for speed, but optimized for comfort, the HX110N is a pleasure to ride. It’s the perfect vehicle to take you on your next ATV adventure and is designed to hold up to heavy use no matter where you decide to drive. Protected against bumps and mild impacts, it is built to last for years of use.

Specifications and Features

More Information
Weight 200.0000
Engine Type 4 Strokes/1-Cylinder
Displacement 110 cc
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Max Speed 35 MPH
Transmission Automatic w/o Reverse
Starting System Electric CDI
Final Drive Chain Drive
Weight Capacity 225 LBS
Net Weight 188 LBS
Gross Weight 210 LBS
Overall Height 33 inches
Overall Length 48.5 inches
Overall Width 29 inches
Seat Height 24.8 inches
Wheelbase 31.5 inches
Ground Clearance 3.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.2 Liters
Engine Kill Switch Yes
Speed Governor Yes
Foot Brake Yes
Remote Control Yes
Head Lights Yes
Tail Lights No
Turn Signal Indicator No
Horn No
Tool Kit No
California Legally? No
Compliance EPA Approved
Front Suspension Double Arm Swing
Rear Suspension Shock
Front Brake Drum Brake
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake
Front Wheel Size 14.5x7-6
Rear Wheel Size 14.5x7-6


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